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Merlin fic - The Big Reveal

Title: The Big Reveal
Rating: G
Pairing: gen
Warnings, spoilers: none
Word count: 4,517
Summary: In which finding out about Merlin's magic doesn't change how Arthur thinks of him.
Notes: Plot bunny born out of infuriation with Arthur's apparent inability to ever treat Merlin like a competent human being. Grateful for any comments!
Disclaimer: I make no claim to Merlin.


Really there was nothing to be nervous about.Collapse )


Lucky Shot

Fandom: Smallville
Title: Lucky Shot
Author: outofi
Characters: Lois, Oliver
Disclaimer: Smallville, Superman.etc are not mine. Nor are Lois Lane and Oliver Queen.
Spoilers: 6x03, Wither
Summary: The next morning, Lois takes a closer look at the shot she dared Oliver to attempt.


The Lady Morgana

Title: The Lady Morgana
Author: outofi
Rating: PG
Characters: Gaius, Morgana, Merlin
Disclaimer: Merlin belongs to the BBC and Shine, I believe. Certainly not me, at any rate.
Summary: Set an indeterminate length of time beyond the current series. Morgana has returned to Camelot in search of vengeance, but finds herself thwarted by one of her former friends.
A/N: Serious gratitude to penarddun , who was an excellent and wonderfully patient beta.

The Lady Morgana was, quite frankly, terrifying.Collapse )


Shiny new fandom journal

Just a quick explanatory post, in case anyone who was defriended by outofivanhoe and refriended by outofi in quick succession the other week was wondering why: writing my first fic in forever (well, at least a couple of years), and not knowing where to find the Merlin fandom outside of LJ has prompted me to start a fandom-only journal (with a fairly rubbish name, but I'm not sure there's anyone out there who's particularly proud of their journal-naming skillz). I doubt I'll post a lot of fic- I've got a couple more plot bunnies, but my chronic time-poverty will probably put paid to any idea of actually getting them written up- but separating my RL and fandom friends pages is probably a good idea that's long overdue in any case.

If anyone for any reason wants to read some highly sporadic updates on my RL (living in London, working in financial services (my first job since graduating last June), and travelling any chance I can get), they're welcome to keep outofivanhoe friended.

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